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Youth Boxing (8 - 12 years old)





Hello Everyone!

My name is Coach John Miller. 

  I'm the Head Instructor for the Boxing Classes we teach here at Wright Fight Concepts in New Egypt.  I'm happy you are interested in your child obtaining skill and fitness through the basics of boxing. 

  Below you will find the guidelines and expectations of all my beginner students participating in the "Youth Boxing Fitness" class.

What my students can expect from me as their coach:
- an honest, fair approach to teaching
- old school AND modern training methods
- a teacher that is easy to approach with any and all questions, concerns and/or ideas
- understanding

I create a fun , enjoyable atmosphere for all students to feel comfortable and at ease while they learn , train and develop fitness.
I expect  all students to show respect to their classmates and coaches.  I encourage a team-oriented mindset through strong, sincere effort.

To embrace the full experience, certain equipment will be necessary, as follows:

Items available to purchase or order in the Dojo Pro Shop:

- hand wraps (children under 13 can use 108 inches)
- gloves (8-12 ounces)

- head gear (to prepare for sparring)
- mouth piece
- support/sports cup(groin protection)
- loose comfortable attire (boxing/MMA trunks and school tee shirt work well)
- water bottle (personal, refillable)

Items not in the Pro Shop that must be acquired on your own:

- jump rope (youth)
- footwear-(barefoot, boxing shoes,martial arts shoes, wrestling shoes)

- Towel
- vaseline( small jar)

- bring a positive attitude.

Coach John Miller Working Focus Mitts


Youth Boxing Student Tiana Chaplin

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