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From the Soke

    Sensei Damien Wright is a complete martial artist!  And Wright Fight Concepts is proof of his efforts over the years in martial arts.  It is a great place to train and grow in the art.  Every time I set foot in that dojo, every time I see those students train like they do and work so well under Master Damien, it feels like home.

Wayne “Papasan” Ford, Soke
Founder of Nagasu Ryu Jujitsu
1936 - 2015

From Other Instructors and Visiting Martial Artists

  Wright Fight Concepts is THE place in New Egypt to go for practical, well-taught self-defense in an environment that is fun and welcoming for the whole family. Try it for yourself and you'll quickly see why everyone loves training there.

Lori O’Connell, Renshi
Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in Can-Ryu Japanese Jujitsu
Owner and Head Instructor of Pacific Wave Jiu-jitsu
Vancouver Richmond BC

    Damien Wright and his staff are experienced professionals. They are capable of engaging both young people and adults' interests and applying these to their quite practical and advanced training methods. Committed students will learn self-defense, goal setting, team building, and develop lasting friendships along the way! If you live within 20 miles of this training facility, you have to check it out.

Matthew McCann, Sensei
Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Aikido
Woodbridge, NJ

     I have to say that if you are looking for a quality martial arts program you MUST visit this school.  Sensei Damien is a fantastic instructor who is not only knowledgeable and well versed in the martial arts but an all around good man. Whether looking for a martial arts school for yourself or your family check out this school; you won't be disappointed. Professional, caring and sincere martial artists led by a passionate and skilled leader.

Dedeuc D'Antonoli, Kaiso
Owner and Head Instructor of Budo Shingikan School of Japanese Martial Arts
Mesa, AZ

    This is a great school!  It was an honor to be able to spend time with these great people.  They welcomed me with open arms and had fun instruction as well.  I'd recommend this school to everyone from very small kid with no experience to the advanced adult and everyone in between.
Coach Brian Kelsey
Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt
BJJ Instructor at Black Dragon Martial Arts
Cheyenne, WY

From Adult and Teen Students


    I'm pleased to have found this fantastic place to train, right here in Central Jersey!  This school offers training in a blend of various fighting systems, taught in an environment devoid of pressure to learn at anything other than the student's own pace. 

    Returning to training after 15 years of life getting in the way, I've found trainers who are here to help develop and become more capable and confident in my skills.  Added to the expertise of the instructors, you'll find a group of people who are continually eager to share what they've learned, whether you've been training together for years, or they've just met you today. 

    Great training, great energy, and a family atmosphere that is second to none.  Come by and see what they have to offer.  I'm glad I did!

Chad Weaver

   Absolutely peerless instructors; Amazing curriculum; I was looking for a dojo family and found it with Damien and his remarkable students. My home away from home.

Scott Parker

    Whether you are an adult wanting physical fitness, a teenager looking to advance fighting capabilities, or a parent seeking discipline, self defense, and social development for your child, Damien Wright and the Dojo Family is your place!  Wright Fight Concepts delivers on so many fronts that it is just too hard to put into words. 

    As an adult student I have lost 25+ pounds and my stamina and focus in my life has improved daily.  I'm performing moves and techniques at the young age of 36 that I could have only dreamed about.  As an adult student for 15 months its a fun and challenging adventure that pulls you in. 

    Damien is extremely knowledgeable and his teaching abilities are second to none.  Its a family atmosphere from young to old that develops lasting friendships for life. 

    I never write reviews on products, companies, etc, however Wright Fight Concepts is your diamond in the rough and worth talking about.

Mike Kassar

    My overall experience training under Sensei Damien has been amazing.  Every person in his class has a great personality, and is great to work with.  The way each class is taught and structured is second to none.  I have nothing but good things to say and can’t speak more highly of this dojo.

Mitchell Mann

    I have trained for years, in many different types martial arts.  Working with Sensei Damien has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. If you are looking for a class that you and your family can enjoy and grow together in, THIS IS IT!!!!!

Josh Bevers 

    I'm active duty military and work closely with security forces. I've also taken the army combatives course. Everything taught here is useful in a real world environment. I recommend this school highly!

Christopher Carty

    I've been training under Sensei Damien Wright and his staff since 2012, and I am excited to continue my self-defense studies at Wright Fight Concepts. The curriculum is challenging, with variety. All the instructors really care about teaching and take a sincere interest in each student’s progress. Never a dull moment on the mat!

    The overall environment is relatively informal, but always respectful to everyone. If you take martial arts seriously, you won't be disappointed. The students at all levels have an attitude of enthusiasm and fun, but don't let that fool you. . . these folks are dedicated to effective self-defense!

    As a petite woman, I have come to deeply appreciate the solid foundation of EFFECTIVE techniques taught in the women's self-defense program. As an older adult student (50+), I'm grateful for the genuine concern for safety that is pervasive in every session of the regular daily classes.

    The mixed teen/adult class provides unique opportunities to practice technique on a wide range of body types and spar with partners at all levels. Your promotions here are earned, not purchased. It is an honor to share in the commitment to excellence that is practiced here.

Val Herenchak

    Sensei Damien Wright is an incredibly accomplished martial artist. He provides a safe and fun place to study martial arts at any age.  He, and all of his instructors, are passionate about what they do, patient with their students, and eager to pass their knowledge along. When training here, you really become part of the Wright Fight family.

Dani De Donno

    Sensei Damien is a complete martial artist and a phenomenal teacher. He leads by example and provides clear explanations for everyone.  All of the instructors and assistant instructors are well-versed in both jujitsu and MMA.  I can't think of a better dojo/family to be a part of.  Wright Fight Concepts will prepare anyone for the physical, but equally as important, the mental aspect of violence and self defense. 

    Also, Sensei Damien trains WITH the class.  He grapples with us, spars with us and works out with us.  He proves day after day that he is the real deal.  Do yourself a favor and check this place out!!!

Danny Santos

    This is a great place to train.  Sensei Damien will challenge you and encourage you to push yourself beyond what you thought you could do.  A very rewarding and supportive group of people to work with.  There is more than just a focus on the physical aspect of martial arts and it has made a wonderful impact on me, without question.  I've had nothing but a positive experience and plan to train here for a long, long time.

Melissa Visinski

    The first day meeting Sensei Damien and the rest of the dojo family I knew I found the 'Wright' dojo for me.  I have had over 11 years training before training under head instructor Sensei Damien Wright, and finally after 11 years I can confidently say I have learned more martial arts concepts training under Sensei Damien in the first 6 months then I have ever learned at any other school.  I'm at the dojo at least 4 nights a week! 

    It's a place to learn self defense, self esteem, social skills, and most of all its a place to belong to a martial arts family as well as community.  The people you meet, as well as the training you recieve will impact you in a positive way to last a lifetime.  Thank you Sensei and the rest of the dojo for making me feel important and letting me grow as a martial artist.

Julia Matthews

    Absolutely fantastic.  Sensei Damien, Sensei Joe, and Sensei Jim are amazing instructors.  The kindness and energy they bring to practice is beyond incredible, and every single student (upper and lower belts) are so helpful and generous.  By far the best training I've ever received, and helped me in a crucial point in my life to gain stability, self control, confidence, and a sense of self worth.  The best thing I did for myself was to come to train at this dojo.  I would recommend them by far for any age group.  Thank you for all that you do, and for all you've helped me to overcome!!  You are all amazing!!

Janine Gersna

    Tactical and practical!  Wright Fight Concepts offers the most comprehensive self defense instruction which is delivered simply and effectively. It's hard to find such a place that offers so much under the same roof!

Eric Cera

    It's really good to see a training facility and staff that put emphasis on more than just the physical aspect of the art.  Sensei Damien also reinforces the behavioral side of martial arts and the proper conduct required for a participant.

Garth Raymond

   Wright Fight Concepts is a great place!  Clean, fun, and educational.  Damien is a great guy and knows how to welcome and teach people of all ages and levels!

Lyndsay Infante

From Dojo Families  in our Various Programs

    This is a great place for kids to learn and develop new skills!  My daughter was iffy about joining but Sensei Damien and his team have made it a positive environment and my daughter LOVES going to class!  It's now her favorite thing to do right next to soccer which says a lot.  If you decide to join I guarantee you won't regret it. 

    Thanks Sensei Damien for everything you do.

Angel Delgado
Father of multiple BJJ competiton Gold Medalist Michelle Delgado

   Wright Fight Concepts is a fantastic dojo.  Sensei Damien & Sensei Joe along with the student assistants are very knowledgeable and my daughter Rylee along with the other children just enjoy going to every class.  They change the routine up to hold the childrens interest.  Everyone treats you like family.  I would highly recommend this dojo for your martial arts experience.  You won't be disappointed!

Chrissy Kay Moore
Mother of Rylee Moore

    Sensei Damien is fantastic! He has incredible patience and makes every class fun!

Linda Lisiewski
Mother of Carter Lisiewski

   My kids have been attending Sensei Damien's classes for several years and absolutely love it!  Feels like family!  The kids have learned a lot and are always excited to go to class.

Lindsay Carpenter
Mother of Fred, Jack, and Amelia Carpenter

   Sensei Damien Wright’s instruction has been a positive influence on my whole family.  I recently became a student but both my son and daughter have been students since June 2011.  Sensei Damien is a credible, talented, and compassionate instructor.  My son only does private sessions because he is Autistic, and cannot handle a whole class with other students.  Sensei Damien has such a way with him.  It’s incredible to see my son connect with him. I feel so welcomed coming here.  It’s not only a great workout, but an intense release for me.  I feel so stress free after every class. 

    I highly recommend this dojo for all ages, shapes, and sizes!  Come try it.  I dare you!

Vickie Biasi
Student and Mother of Maria and Dalton Biasi

    Since starting with Sensei Damien two years ago my son Edward has increased his coordination, flexibility & posture. He has developed more confidence in himself as well as a great deal of respect for other people.  Most of all, he is having a blast! 

    THANK YOU Sensei Damien!

Lisa Reynolds
Mother of Edward Reynolds

    Sensei Damien Wright is not only a master martial artist and instructor but a phenomenal gentleman. His teachings go way beyond the mat, building self-confidence, self-esteem, self-control, respect, patience, and integrity to all those who enter his dojo.

    They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am blessed that part of my family's village is Wright Fight Concepts. My child has grown socially, academically and spiritually all because of the teachings and support this dojo offers through Sensei Damien and all of his amazing and talented instructors. If you are looking for top notch martial arts training with the added benefit of improving you're overall well-being while feeling like you're hanging out with family, then look no further, Wright Fight Concepts is the place for you! I too took classes here and no matter what your age, gender or status, I have witnessed transformations and improvements across the board, I know it did wonders for me.

Regina Cacamese
Mother of Joshua Cacamese

    My son has benefited from being a student of Sensei Damien's, not only in his martial arts training, but also by learning respect and discipline. I highly recommend this school.

Katie Haas Dunbar
 Mother of Jacob Dunbar

   My daughter started with Damien in the early winter of 2014.  She never really liked a teacher or a class before starting with Damien.  He takes great care of his students.  As a parent, it is important to have a teacher that is aware of everything.  He ensures student safety, instills excellent discipline, and lets the kids have fun too.  My daughter asks every day to go to his jujitsu class!   I highly recommend his classes :)

Christel Beck
  Mother of Emily Beck

    We are thrilled to be a part of the Wright Fight Concepts family!  Over the years, our son has learned important life skills as well as martial arts from Sensei Damien. 

    We wouldn't go anywhere else!

Melissa Papp
Mother of Austin Papp

   Aris earned his first belt tonight!  Sensei Damien is amazing.  His gift with martial arts, ability to teach, patience and his unwavering confidence in Aris and his abilities made this possible.  We love Wright Fight!!!!!!

Kaylin Haywood
Mother of Aris Mateer

    I have seen quite a few changes in my kids after they joined with Sensei Damien. I would recommend this place for those who really want to learn Martial Arts.

Mansi Sharma
Mother of Achal and Hemani Sharma

    I currently have my two daughters enrolled at Wright Fight Concepts and they absolutely love it.  My ten year old has been enrolled with Sensei Damien for over four years and my five year old has been there for about a year.  The instructors are what makes this place so awesome, just the right mix of discipline and fun to keep the kids entertained and coming back for more.

Ron Tappen
Father of Kaylee and Lily Tappen

    Best dojo in the New Egypt community!  My 9 year old son has been a student since 2011.  Sensei Damien Wright is really good with kids of all ages.  He has more patience than any other instructor I have ever seen.  The kids don't just learn Martial arts, they learn self-esteem, self-confidence, self-control, respect, and more. I highly recommend becoming apart of the Dojo.

Michelle Romero
Mother of Nicholas Romero

    Damien just hosted an amazing 6th birthday party for my son Aaden!  All of the kids loved the activities and games, clearly having a great time!  He was very accommodating with our setup and and we didn't have to clean up after!  The dojo is clean and spacious and we were very comfortable!  I highly recommend for your child's next party!!
Tara Conway
Mother of Aaden Conway

   This is a wonderful dojo.  Sensei Damien and his staff teach usable self-defense skills in a safe and encouraging environment.  My daughter learned a lot during her year there, and we were sad to have to move away.
Jennifer Nolan
Mother of Julie Lock

    Wright Fight Concepts has been a great experience for my two children, 12 yrs and 5 yrs.  They have learned respect for others along with self respect and defense.  Sensei Damien is an amazing teacher and has a wonderful staff that assists him. I'm so glad that we joined this Dojo and I look forward to my children having fun and learning new techniques every week.  I would highly recommend Wright Fight Concepts to all my family and friends!!
Rebecca Stepniewski
Mother of Patrick Sopkanich and Jackie Stepniewski

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