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Call Us Today!
(732) 877-4041


Do you need an awesome, informative, and highly engaging martial arts seminar or special event for your group, gym, or company at a location of your choosing?

Do you need your event at a reasonable and competitive rate that is guaranteed to suit your budget?


We offer seminars and customizable events in a wide variety of topics that include:

  • "Safety First" Self Defense Seminars for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

  • Corporate Self Defense Team Building Events

  • Restraint and Compliance Methods for Law Enforcement and Security Personel

  • Women's Self Protection (2 hour Intro Course)

  • Sexual Assault Awareness (Lecture-based, Free Seminar)

  • "Strike to Pass, Pass to Strike": The Use of Striking/Grappling Transitions

  • Wrestling for Self Defense

  • Combatives Curriculum Enhancement (For sport martial arts incorporating self defense)

  • "Kuzushi": Basic Off-balancing Methods and Drills

  • "Throws and Takedowns for the Striking Arts"

  • "Striking for the Grappling Arts"

  • "Sprawl and Brawl": Methods of Avoiding Takedowns and Escaping Grapples

  • Managing Multiple Attackers

  • Practical Use of Small Joint Locks

  • Boxing Basics

  • Boxing for MMA
  • Parent and Kid Kickboxing Clinic

...and MUCH MORE!

Let us know what's right for you!

We can instruct your seminar at our location or at yours. 

Please give us a call or fill out the contact form below to receive a quote.

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