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Jeet Kune Do/Escrima

Jeet Kune Do

and Escrima Classes

at Wright Fight Concepts

Taught by T.J. Miller of Action Reality Martial Arts

Taught by T.J. Miller ofction Reality Martial Art
  Jeet Kune Do (translated at "The Way of the Intercepting Fist") is an ecclectic, modern hybrid approach to the study of martial arts.  It is a method founded and developed by the renowned martial artist, actor, and martial arts pioneer Bruce Lee.
  Unlike more traditional martial arts, Jeet Kune Do is not fixed or patterned, and is a philosophy with guiding thoughts. It was named for the concept of attacking when one's opponent is about to attack. Jeet Kune Do practitioners believe in minimal movement with maximum effect.
  Escrima (also known as "Kali" or "Arnis") is the traditional martial art indigeounous to the Phillippines, emphasizing the study of combat with sticks (single stick and double sticks) and knives (or other edged weapons).  Included as well are various techniques of hand to hand fighting, usually involving trapping and joint locks (which makes it a great compliment to our weekly Japanese Jujitsu classes). 
  A rigorous martial art with a rich history and culture, yet possessed of a tremendous amount of modern application, it is a perfect addition to the growing array of excellent classes we offer here at Wright Fight Concepts.

  Both arts (Jeet Kune Do and Escrima/Silat) tend to be taught alongside each other in many academies across the world due to the influence of Bruce Lee's top student, Guro Dan Inosanto.  Mr. Inosanto is a major influence in the development of JKD (he even helped Mr. Lee pick out the name) and continues as the preeminent living authority on the art and its practice.

  Much of Mr. Inosanto's training and experience previous to that under Bruce Lee was in the Filipino martial arts, and in keeping with the philosophy of JKD, Mr. Inosanto has put much of this experience to good use in further refining the practice of this art (called under his terminology "Jeet Kune Do Concepts"). 

  Mr. Inosanto continues to teach seminars in both Jeet Kune Do and Escrima across the country, several of which have been attended by our JKD/FMA instructor, T.J. Miller.

    Classes in these arts are taught by Guro T.J. Miller as well as his certified assistant instructors.

  Additionally, various workshops are offered throughout the year to highlight some of the specialties of these arts, both empty handed and weapon-based, and how they apply to modern self defense concerns and enhance overall martial and combative training. 

Guro T.J. Miller

  T.J. Miller has been teaching martial arts for well over 20 years and is a certified instructor of Jeet Kune Do Concepts and Filipino Martial Arts and American Freestyle Karate. 

  Mr. Miller has trained with martial arts legends such as Dan Inosanto, Paul Vunak, and Daniel Sullivan and has been the owner of a very successful martial arts school in New Jersey until moving on to pursue other dreams.  He has been teaching students in multiple arts and at various locations through his organization Action Reality Martial Arts

  Mr. Miller was also the martial arts director at the Little Gym locations in West Windsor, New Jersey and Newtown, Pennsylvania. 
TJ Miller Demonstrates "Abanico"
TJ Miller Demonstrates the Principles of Foot Sectors
TJ Miller demonstrating a Jeet Kune Do Drill called "The Interception Drill"
TJ Miller Demonstrates De Fanging the Snake
TJ Miller Demonstrates his "5 Minute Workout"
TJ Miller and Emy Demonstrate Methods of Controlling the Opponent's Knife Hand