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Our Head Instructor

Sensei Damien Wright

 Sensei Damien Wright has been training actively in the martial arts for over 30 years.  He began with fencing (saber and epee) and Japanese Swordsmanship (Iaido and Kendo) under his father and, later, enrolled in a local Shukokai Karate school after being profusely bullied.  Sensei continued his studies in martial arts after moving a number of times by enrolling in several schools of Tae Kwon Do. He received his 1st degree black belt in this art in 1996, when he was 16 years old.

    Afterwards he moved on to other styles, taking up Wing Chun Kung Fu for a brief time, as well as at a local Police Athletic League Boxing Gym where he trained for two years in Boxing and Kickboxing.  He had the good fortune of training with several golden gloves competitors and trainers.

   When Sensei Damien was 18 years old, he began training in Medieval European Combat, learning to fight with longswords, pole arms, spears,  longbows, and arming swords, and training in full armor and at full contact.  He is currently active as a medieval reenactor in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and the MSR (Medieval Scenarios and Recreation) and often fights in full armor at events and practices hosted by these groups.  He also trains with members of ARMA (Association of Renaissance Martial Artists) and various practitoners of Historical Medieval Combat when he can.
  He began training in Aikido in 1999 at a branch of Jersey Shore Aikikai at Pearl Street Gym in Long Branch, NJ and in Japanese Jujitsu and Judo in 2000 at Woodbridge Judokai in Woodbridge, NJ and pursued further training in Kendo and Aiki-ken (aikido swordsmanship) as well to supplement this. 
  He continues his Japanese swordsmanship training actively and is currently pursuing a shodan in a method of Batto-do (a compilation methodology of several traditional sword arts).  Additionally, he exchanges knowledge regularly with learned swordmasters and continues to exchange knowledge with Grandmaster Alan Simms (Karate N' Motion) on both hand to hand and weapon based study.
   After the Jujitsu program at Woodbridge Judokai closed down in 2005, Sensei Damien continued his Jujitsu education by training in Nagasu-Ryu Jujitsu at Edison Martial Arts Academy in Edison, NJ under the direct instruction of Wayne Ford Soke, founder of the Nagasu-Ryu School of Jujitsu and a practitioner of martial arts for over 50 years.

    In February of 2011, Sensei was awarded his Godan (5th Degree Black Belt) in this art by a committee consisting of Wayne Ford Soke (the final rank promotion awarded to him by Ford Soke while he was alive), and top ranking Nagasu-Ryu master instructors William Scott Hanshi (Owner and Head Instructor of Edison Martial Arts Academy), and Henry Alvin Kyoshi, and was conferred the title of Renshi (Master Teacher, 1st Rank) by Ford Soke.  Additionally, in March of 2016, Sensei Damien was awarded his Shichidan (7th Degree Black Belt) and the title of Kyoshi (Master Teacher, 2nd Rank) by Ford Soke's direct successor Michael Burrowes Soke (Headmaster of Nagasu Ryu Jujitsu and C.E.O. of Tora Karate Federation), as well as the renowned Roger Hamilton Hanshi (Head Instructor of Hamilton Martial Arts Academy in California).

    Sensei Damien has been teaching martial arts and fitness programs to adults, teens, and children at various locations and to private students for over 13 years and in the community of New Egypt since October of 2008.  He adores working with children; introducing them to the love of martial arts, sharing in their successes and struggles, and watching them grow into great martial artists and great adults.  And, in working with adults as well, he gets to help people explore the more physically rigorous training aspects of jujitsu coupled with the deeper intellectual and personal qualities that help the student to form a well rounded, honest, and comprehensive martial education. 

    In addition to this, Damien Wright holds Bachelor’s Degrees in both History and Religious Studies from Montclair State University, from which he graduated with honors, and an Associate’s Degree in English from Brookdale Community College. 

    Instructing martial arts is Sensei's full time profession. 

    Sensei worked closely with Wayne Ford Soke until Grandmaster Ford's passing in 2015, as well as Ford Soke's top student and headmaster successor Michael Burrowes Soke.  He also maintains regular contact with several of his previous instructors.  Among these instructors he corresponded with, until his passing in 2014, was Sensei Marian Garbarek from Woodbridge Judokai, the head instructor and founder of the Woodbridge Judokai Jujitsu program who has been a great contributor to the Judo and Jujitsu techniques taught within the curriculum. 

    He continually corresponds with Sensei Victor Carlson, a black belt instructor from both Woodbridge Judokai (Garbarek Sensei's chief assistant) and a Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Yoshitsune Jujitsu, a great inspiration to Sensei Damien through the years.  He also maintains contact with Rob Kordoski, owner of Pearl Street Gym and an accomplished Aikidoka whom he counts among his most notable instructors and top martial influences.  Indeed, being Mr. Kordoski's uke (technique demonstration partner) during aikido classes is one of his brightest memories from those years of training. 

    Additionally, he currently trains in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and is ranked under BJJ Black Belt Coach Chris Ulbricht, head instructor of Garden State Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy in Red Bank, NJ.  He currently holds a Purple Belt in BJJ under Coach Chris.  Additionally, he works with and learns from BJJ Black Belt Coach Jeff Cressman at the dojo.
  It is Sensei Damien's dearest hope and most ardent goal to pay forward all that his teachers have given to him over the years.  As these fine martial artists taught him and continue to teach him, it is not enough to simply teach.  A martial arts instructor must work to enrich and deepen the experiences of his students, and make this time, their dedicated training, something truly formative and beneficial in their lives.  
  Sensei Damien Wright is very happily married to wife and fellow martial artist Tara Wright.  They have three sons.  The eldest Calvin is 9 years old, the middle Tristan is 5 old, and the youngest Oliver is 2. 

  The Wright family is very happy to raise their children in the wonderful Plumsted community and look forward to many years of enjoying and contributing to the betterment of the New Egypt and greater Plumsted area.

Nagasu Ryu Jujitsu Certified Black Belts Promoted Under Damien Wright, Kyoshi:
Joseph Lamicela Sensei, Shodan (1st Degree)
Jim Anderson Sensei, Shodan (1st Degree)
Jennifer Hlubik Sensei, Shodan (1st Degree)
Daniel Stinson Sensei, Shodan (1st Degree)