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  Boxing is an essential skill to incorporate for the modern day martial arts practitioner, valuable for self defense and sport martial arts alike. And more, this fighting art is an inseperable and widely familiar aspect of western tradition. 

    Whether you plan on stepping into the boxing ring as an amateur or professional fighter, supplement your kickboxing or mma training, explore self defense application, or just get in shape, you simply  CANNOT LOSE with our Boxing classes. 

  Here at Wright Fight Concepts, we offer students the opportunity to train in this fundamental discipline with a truly remarkable and inspiring professional instructor in Coach John Miller!  He also makes himself regularly available for PRIVATE TRAINING sessionsBoxing Classes with Coach John Miller are very popular with our adult student body, and students also come from all over to take these amazing, high energy classes to either supplement their current training regimen or just to have a great time burning calories. 

All affiliations, teams, and skill levels are welcome.

Coach John Miller

   John's early education in Martial Arts started in, Long Island, NY, learning Tae Kwon Do under Master Michael Brown.  After a few years of Tae Kwon Do, he began training in Wing Chun Kung Fu.  Within that period of time, John was lucky enough to be introduced to the "Sweet Science" of  boxing. 
   He trained in a few gyms before moving to Baltimore after high-school. There he resumed training in boxing at the Loch Raven Optimist Boxing Club.  John sparred and trained with amateurs and pros alike, learning how intelligent and mentally strong boxers can be.
   While in Baltimore, John also joined a small Traditional martial arts school, teaching Tang Soo Do, Aikido and Wing Chun (Yip Man style).  And for a short time, he trained in Wing Chun Kung Fu (Cheung style) under Si-Hing Brian Acres and Sifu Daniel Brown.  In the mid 90's, John met Sifu Julian Sawyer.  For the next 8 years, he continued developing his skills in Traditional Wing Chun and reached a level 7 sash. In 2005 he moved to, Fairless Hills, Pa, and started training for 1-1/2 years under Master Keith Mazza of Cherry Hill NJ.
   After a nine year hiatus, John is now again training in Traditional Wing Chun under Master Mazza.
   To this day, Coach John continues to practice and advance his boxing skills, as well as practice other arts.  Additionally, he has trained successful boxing competitors, utelizing a proven work regimen that is second to none in the sport.  Coach John believes it's a never ending journey with the fighting arts.
   "You're never really DONE with it when you have a LOVE for it".


  Please bring appropriate protective gear (headgear, mouthguard, cup) for light to medium contact sparring exercises. 
    Mouth guards and hand wraps are available in the school pro shop regularly, and top quality gloves and headgear (ProForce and Sandee brands) are available to order with us.

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  • For a good idea of what Boxing at Wright Fight Concepts is like, Check out the feature video below of a previous Boxing Clinic.